For product promotions technology is an integral component for expanding promotional marketing strategies. Digital really has changed the face of branding.

However, two key principles from traditional marketing need to drive the efforts.

However, the strategy is vital and it doesn’t change for digital. In fact, having a sound researched strategy becomes even more important in digital as it enables unprecedented targeting and customization of a message to the audience.

However, digital has become “The New Face of Promotions”. It has changed a lot of things. For most marketers, a comprehensive, optimized, mix is still the best solution.

There are a couple of scenarios where digital has been a game-changer:

Digital is scalable

Once upon a time, a small marketing budget really limited what you could do. A full-page ad in a renowned newspaper would cost a huge amount of money.

Using digital display on a news website or any social media platform, you can target these same prospects in a comparatively lesser budget. Mix this with a solid program of organic and paid social media and you have the potential to give a solid competition to any giant player.

Niche Marketing

Reaching a global base of niche market has become a reachable goal with the internet. It started with channels like eBay, and gradually expanded to include social media, remarketing, and networked banner buys. Need to reach customers for a specific product in a specific location? Need to connect with a particular industry segment? With digital, you can target them effectively without the waste of targeting the non-potential.


Digital has enabled businesses to compete with established players by leveling the playing field. Using various digital tools like WordPress, even small businesses can create a competitive website for world-class promotions. Social media can help businesses to introduce new products to the established audiences and even target the established competitors.

To summarize, digital has created tremendous opportunities for businesses with the right mix of optimized strategies.